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Our firm has been helping out clients in family law situations since 1997 and we cover the Greater Toronto Area. Although our main focus is on family law, we do however also provide services in real estate, wills and estates, civil litigation and criminal law.

We understanding that in family law sometimes the first order/arrangement dictates the final outcome, and therefore it is very important to have the right legal representation from the very beginning.

We deal with family laws from all perspectives, such as divorce, custody, access, child support, spousal support, property etc.

Over the course of years we have successfully protected the legal rights of our clients, sometimes taking pro-active measures such as commencing court proceedings without delay, and at other times by successfully negotiating terms of the separation agreement.

We speak four languages, namely, English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.

We accept legal aid in relation to proceedings under the Divorce Act, Family Law Act, Children Law Reform Act and Family and Services Act.

We do child protection cases as well. We understand that for a parent the fear of losing the child is

Our Team

Preet Kaler

Preet has been practising in Ontario since his call to the bar in February, 1997.
Preet has vast experience in family law and has done complex cases dealing with divorce, annulment, custody, access, child and spousal support, unequal division of property etc.
Preet is highly respected by his pears and enjoys an impeccable reputation with the courts and his clients.

Sukhwinder Samra

Sukhwinder Samra has been a sole practitioner for over 12 years in India from 1993 to 2005. He practiced law in the field of Civil Litigation, Criminal Law and other corporate matters. He provides consultation to clients on legal matters and initiates legal action, represents clients in various courts, tribunals, and boards. Sukhwinder has been practicing in Ontario since his call to the bar in June 2008. His main practice focuses on Family Law, Litigation and Real Estate while he also provides legal services in the field of Immigration law, Criminal Law and corporate matters.

Vic Sehdev

Vic completed his Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours at the University of Toronto majoring in Industrial Relations & Human Resources and a minor in Political Science and Religion. He graduated with his LL.B from the University of Leicester (UK).

Neelam Sehdev

Neelam has been a Legal Assistant with our firm since 2002. Over the course of 14 years Neelam has assisted in the delivery of Family Law and Real Estate services.

Jasmine Sekhon

Jasmine Sekhon is currently articling with Preet Kaler.