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A divorce is never a simple matter. Families struggling to resolve differences and establish separate lives require the guidance of an experienced lawyer who understands how to protect their interests, the interest of children and minimize the potential for conflict.

At the law firm of Preet Kaler, we are prepared to help clients protect their interests and those of their children. Whether you are seperated, in the process of filing for divorce, if you are in need of a restraining order, or any other matters relating to either our clients or their children and family, we will take immediate legal action to ensure protection and secure your rights.

Understanding what steps you can take today to diffuse a potentially volatile situation can make all the difference when determining custody, visitation, and support questions.

If you are facing divorce and are worried about what the future holds, contact the experienced, dedicated and reputable family law lawyers at the law firm of Preet Kaler today.

We offer in-house consultation and represent clients throughout Greater Toronto Area.

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Family law issues are never easy to deal with. Our firm is devoted to help you resolve your issues in a smooth, cost-efficient and professional manner. Let us help you today by seeing one of our lawyers.

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Ensure that your wishes are carried out upon your passing. Not having a Will can cause your family extreme hardship in receiving what is rightfully theirs. We can help you prepare a will that meets your expectations.

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We can help you take care of all your real estate needs in a professional and timely approach. When buying, selling or refinancing a home make sure you contact us for an efficient and cost efficient transaction.

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